Life Coach Marci Hawkinson


Invest in yourself! Come spend time with Certified Life Coach Marci Hawkinson. There will be a presentation, followed by group coaching on each class topic. Walk away with some fresh ideas and a new mind-set!
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Fee: $20 per class
Instructor: Marci Hawkinson
Location: NRC Sunflower Room
Registration Deadline: Monday prior to each class
Minimum Enrollment: 10
Note: Please bring a journal and pen. If you have further questions on a specific class, please e-mail Marci Hawkinson at 



Finding Your Personal Pockets of Peace

Tuesday, December 12th

Come learn how to cultivate personal pockets of peace, where you can experience a sense of tranquility, no matter how hectic life gets. Together we will: *identify stressors *practice mindfulness techniques *develop personalized strategies around environment, schedules white-space, self-care and self-compassion *embody resilience, even amidst adversity* You will leave this workshop able to find and nurture your own unique sources of peace and tranquility. See you in class!


This is Your Year

Thursday, January 4th

You will leave this workshop empowered to make the most out of 2024, equipped with creative and tactical ways to bring your aspirations to life! Together we will: * cast a vision * set realistic and achievable goals, with milestones along the way * learn to effectively manage time and priorities * figure out how to stay motivated and inspired, despite potential setbacks*  This new year can be a transformative one, if you take charge of your life and dream big! See you in class.



Free From Fear

Tuesday, February 6th

Is fear the thing holding you back and keeping you stuck? If you learn to do it scared, boldly moving through life despite being afraid, big things can happen. Together we will: *understand the effects of staying stuck *identify your personal blocks *Learn strategies to overcome fear *uplevel our negative thoughts *capture more confidence *structure a support network * Break free from the constraints of fear and go all in on living a more fulfilling and courageous life after this workshop. See you in class!


Take Your Oxygen First

Thursday, March 7th

You can't take care of anyone else if you don't take care of yourself first! Come fill your toolbox with practical how-to's and give yourself permission to move you-time way up the priority list. Together we will: *learn why self-prioritization is so important *share self-care tips (spirit/mind/body) *cover communication, boundaries and fitting it in *build resilience to better navigate life's challenges *blend competing needs *Taking your oxygen first is essential to your overall health and happiness - plus, it pays out big for those you love! See you in class.