Everyone Should Participate!

Denotes Scholarship Program

NRC’s scholarship program is available to those currently receiving Free/Reduced School Lunches or that have a current KanCare Health Insurance Card.

Those who qualify for ESP will be able to participate in NRC’s ESP Programs at a 50% reduced rate. Be sure to look for the above logo next to program information to see which programs qualify.

To receive this rate, please bring a copy of your letter of approval for free/reduced rate lunch or KanCare Medical Card with you to NRC at the time of enrollment. We will make a copy of your paperwork and keep it on file until the next school enrollment.

**Applications will not be accepted in any form.

 For details, please contact the Newton Recreation Center at (316) 283-7330.

For adult scholarships, please fill out the Adult Scholarship Form and bring in proof of income.
Adult Scholarship Form 

We have started a new campaign for our scholarship funds. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, we can add it to any registration.